OpenRoads is a disclosure platform currently only for TRIP (DoT-DPWH) and FMR (DA) projects.

Tourism Road Infrastructure Program (TRIP) pertains to the creation of roads and improvement of other infrastructure for key tourist spots.

Farm to Market Roads (FMR) pertains to the creation of accessible farm-to-market roads to benefit the agricultural sector of the country. The Provincial Rural Development Project (PRDP) is also under this program.

The portal also seeks to include other programs such as the FMRs under Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB) and the Philippine Rural Management Fund (PRMF) in the near future.

PHP 36.4 billion for Tourism Road Infrastructure Programs for 2012-2014, and;

PHP 12 billion for Farm to Market Regular road projects (excluding PRDP) as stated in the 2014 FMR Development Plan.

You can manually type in a specific location on the search bar located on the home page.


You can filter your searches by project type, province or scope.

The site is integrated with Routeshoot technology. Routeshoot is a web and mobile app that one can use to capture videos and GPS creating routes that users can share.

Open Roads currently uses data from the DPWH via their electronic Project Life Cycle (e-PLC) system to keep track of project execution. This data is obtained and updated monthly. Geotags for planned project tracks, as well as planned project information, are provided for by the DoT and the DA.

You can automatically download the datasets through the downloads section located below the dataset tables on the Project list page.

You can provide feedback in 2 ways:
Directly to a project:

-You can provide your comments on specific OpenRoads project through clicking on the projects where a comment box is provided for you to input your feedback.

-On the Contact Us page: A feedback form is provided for feedback concerning the project or website development.

The TRIP makes a distinction between Contracts and Sub-Projects to distinguish the projects under the DOT's portfolio ("Contracts") and the ones individually executed by the DPWH ("Sub-Projects"). One Contract may be comprised of several Sub-Projects, rather than just one, e.g. the Dauis Panglao Center Island Road is one TRIP Contract but is comprised of 3 Sub-Projects pertaining to individual executions of the project along the same length of road.