Open Roads is an open source alternative for managing and tracking efforts such as the Tourism Road Infrastructure Program (TRIP) under the Department of Tourism (DoT) and Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Farm to Market Roads (FMR), and FMR-Philippine Rural Development Project (FMR-PRDP) under the Department of Agriculture, as well as its respective project developments. It aims to give a timely overview of proposed, approved, and on-going projects and sub-projects using various technologies, such as geo-tagging, and also provide opportunities for public feedback. It is one of the government’s ongoing efforts to provide transparency and accountability for budget execution through innovative initiatives.

Through Open Roads, responsible agencies and key stakeholders can effectively monitor nationally-funded infrastructure projects and their progress without the inconvenience of going on-site. With it, the continuous delivery of improved road networks for agricultural- and tourism-led development will be more efficiently and effectively achieved.